JM Style Ventures

We hear you say "just my style"

About Us

JM Style is an outfit primarily based in Lagos that caters for fabrics and delivers pristine general cleaning services to homes and offices. We are established so as to take stress off you in a demanding environment such as ours.

The essential structure of building a serious image is how you appeared/perceived in the society, this is why we take it upon ourselves to create such a transforming image for those in practice and out of it in making individual(s) and what you represent or that represents you an enigma of appeal and beauty.

We strongly believe that we cannot create the desired result all by ourselves without your immense contribution to what should be, this is why we positively anticipate seeing you say 'Just my Style'

It does not go without saying that good health comes with what we offer as our services which we desire for every human being as a way of improving the quality and healthiness of our environment in a safe manner. We truthfully say that our prices are absolutely affordable.

Samuel Ayoola

More Information

Open from Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 6PM.
We do all time pick-up and delivery

Contact Us

Phone: 01-8421991, 08038743467
Shop 153, POWA Market
Pedro Police Barracks, Pedro
Lagos, Lagos 23401

Our Vision
To unify all minds in promoting hygienic life, good health and safe environment to an enviable and enduring state.

Our Mission
To give pristine outlook to individuals, homes and offices with equally an impressive and satisfying inward look